News App®

News App®

NewsApp® is a public news portal on mobile. NewsApp® is a unique combination of public news reporting with social networking features. It empowers public to report and edit news on the fly. NewsApp® aims at connecting Public, Politicians and Bureaucrats to find solutions.

WHY NewsApp?....

According to a research report of British broadcasting corporation, social media will be a crucial factor in India in winning or losing elections, a story which has been reiterated by leading schools of psephology. Social media posts are used to target the right audience at the right time and NewsApp is the best bet to do it.


NewsApp provide platform to reach the voters, from the finest of cities until the smallest of village. Through this app one can reach people without meeting them and still be connected 24x7.


Daily promotion content can be posted in form of videos, images and texts will be redesigned and converted as editorial articles and can be publish in NewsApp.


By addressing the vote’s grievance immediately on the NewsApp platform, it gives a chance not only to increase popularity but also instill a feeling of confidence in the voter, which increase the leader’s popularity and confidence in accepting him/her as their successful leader.


Important videos of your speeches from past and present can be uploaded as short video to create huge impact.


Feedback in the form of comments, likes, dislike received to your posts, provides an opportunity to analyze your popularity instantly through popularity graphs, which shows you want is your popularity stand among the other leaders/politicians.