Q Box

Quintelcom is a Registered Trademark of Quintel Digital Telecommunications Pvt.Ltd.Quintelcom is a technology innovator that designs unprecedented, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge digital technologies in the field of Education and Healthcare.

QBOX is a flagship product of Quintelcom.It is the most advanced and sophisticated Learning Management System, built on the principles of progressive pedagogy, offered as a SAAS package.

The platform seamlessly integrates into its hardware components and can be used as unique Tutor Aid.It creates a platform for students to interact with their tutors and peers.

Q-Box Features

  • Easy Setup...QBOX uses the sturdiest hardware

    QBOX ‘is loaded ona thin client or a plug PC. This is connected to a Pen Display Tab (with Stylus], which is in turn connected to a short throw HD Projector which projects the content on the entire wall on the teaching side of the classroom.

  • Ease of Teaching...@BOX offers the most user-friendly LMS

    It doesn’t require a tech-savvy tutor to use QBOX. Just punch in your user name, your password and you are ready to use QBOX.

  • Unlimited annotation features

    QBOX offers one of the best annotation features. The tutor can use the agile stylus to write on the Pen Display Tab with unbelievable smoothness and precision. The annotations are Supported on all formats of images, videos, PDF, PPT and other files.

  • Organization Management System

    The organization can easily track the total number of sessions conducted in each subject and analyze the data for a superior pedagogical approach and better administration.

    • Option to Share the Tutor’s screen

      QBOX allows the tutors to share their classroom lectures as well as their screens to registered students

    • Superior Content repository

      In conventional black or white boards, the notes written on the board will be lost when erased. We say content Is King! for any organization, Its content is of utmost Importance and we have been losing precious content for many generations.

    • Classroom Session Recording

      A conventional classroom lecture cannot be recorded and viewed by the students repeatedly. Thus significant data and information is lost and students have to solely depend on their limited notes and memory for revision.