Q Robo

Q-Robo brings AI to life, paving way for robotics to the consumer market. Equipped with advanced technology, interactive system, and ambitions in aplenty, Q-Robo would be your real-life assistant, adding wings to your daily lifestyle, making you more productive and turning you into an achiever. Robo Kiosks from Quintelcom is more than a set of camera and moving parts. It's an intelligence moving, for you, with you, to help you.

Features Of Q-Robo

  • It is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology that's a blend of computer science, physiology and philosophy. It's smarter (and prettier).

  • It grows and evolves through machine learning. So, your machine truly understands your needs and preferences as it ages

  • It is aesthetically appealing, taking a giant leap against the box-like robot parts, even adding to the interior décor value.

  • Made using superior quality materials and parts, the Robo Kiosks developed by Quintelcom are made to last and scale.

Q-Robo Advantages

  • Q-Robo is a giant step away from vanilla commands like "what's the weather today" and "set a reminder".
  • It's a step towards building something big to serve the needs of today and tomorrow…
  • To build AI-powered Robo with enhanced movements, swift performance and an interactive core system that does what one wants it to do.
  • From assisting them in home chores to being a right-hand in their personal and professional achievements.

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