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E-campaigning is the new mantra in the field of election campaigning. If facebook and twitter handles enables to reach the vote bank virtually, 3D-Holography Telecommunication merged with Satellite services is yet another campaigning solution, enabling to reach huge masses at a time.

In this technology, 3D studios are set nearby to the candidate and he/she can deliver his/her campaigning speech at the studio setup. With this latest technology, QDTPL shall beam this telecast via satellite at a time to any number of 3D screens irrespective of location and area and the vote bank can view their leaders talking to them live from the studio setup. This economical method works out for the campaigner and it enables to reach huge masses at a time. This way the campaigner can increase his/her visibility among their vote bank.

Holography is yet another option, which can be catered to the campaigners through satellite beaming.