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Quintelcom’s Software Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) model is designed to offer clients with a guideline to product development. Clients can conceptualize their products from vision to reality in the most effective and efficient manner possible by just following our perfect life cycle approach.

Quintelcom’s enterprising application software development teams are ready to take up any technological challenge. The success of solving a problem is cherished by the whole organization, helping us innovate and grow. We are process innovators. Our primary approach towards a project is from the business point of view.

Quintelcom’s holistic model of the PDLC comprises of Extensive Research, Usability Engineering, Prototyping & Development, Testing & QA, Documentation, Porting, Training, Sales Support, Deployment, Technical Support, Maintenance and Performance Engineering.

At Quintelcom we help clients to improve quality, reduce development costs, and innovate with the latest technologies to reach their business objectives through literally hundreds of product releases.

Quintelcom’s focus on product development has defined new strategies for us to come up with products that exceed our clients’ expectations, and make them come back to us over and over again.

On top of everything, we try our best to offer our clients a high ROI, helping them with effective cost management.



NEWSAPP a product from Quintelcom is a first of its kind unique Mobile application in the world, designed to cater to the needs of both public and the politician pan India trying to bridge these gap.

NewsApp being a unique platform by itself, has the provisions of psephology by helping an  individual to draw popularity graph and also collects historical precinct voting data, and other related data like analysing/predicting exit polls.